Airmax (2.4 / 5 Ghz) Wireless product

True Carrier Class Network Performance

Scalability: 300+ subs per sectored base station
Latency: Latency remains low for voice and video applications as network scales
Speed: 150Mbps+ PtMP performance
Range: 50km+ outdoor range

World Class Antenna Designs

Ubiquiti's Antenna R&D team applied their years of experience in cellular basestation antenna design in developing the revolutionary AirMax BaseStation and Backhaul antennas. Exhibiting gain, beam characteristcs, and multi-polarity performance never before seen in wireless ISP markets.

Flexible Deployment Options

Rocket M Series: Highest performance, 2x2 MIMO AirMax Basestation.
NanoStation M Series: Flexible, powerful, cost-efficetive 2x2 CPE for bridging applications.
NanoStation Loco M Series: Low-cost, hi-performance 2x2 CPE available in 5GHz.
Bullet M Series: Versatile single antenna AirMax solution for wide application use.
PowerBridge M Series: Long Range MIMO Bridges.
NanoBridge M Series: Hi-Performance and cost-effective MIMO bridging devices.
AirGrid M Series: Next-Gen Broadband Wireless CPE Technology.

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