Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for District Administrative Office, Nakhon Thailand

Improve their Network Infrastructure and Maximise Corporate Efficiency


We would like to share how Edimax Office 1-2-3 can be used in an organisation. Credits to Edimax Thailand for sharing this with us.

They using four kits of Office 1-2-3 or 12 pcs of CAP1300 Edimax AP which is one working as master AP to control the other 11 slave APs.

Pre-Configuration Before Installation

Office 1-2-3 Wi-Fi System Specification Briefing

  • Office 1-2-3 is easy to install, there is an IP Finder which supports Windows 7/10
  • iOS & Android Phone – fully convenient method to configure Office 1-2-3. To find the Master device, simply run the wizard tool
  • Office Network – screenshot preview using Radius Authentication (WPA2 Enterprise Encryption)
  • Guest Network – using Captive Portal for authentication (dynamic/static account)
  • Device Network – list of equipment using Wireless Personal Encryption+ MAC Address Control (Easy management for MIS can upload/download CSV file for these three networks account)

Fully functional E-MAP preview