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Generic Guide to Cloud Filter Activation

Manual configuration with dynamic IP

Configure in your Router the following filtered DNSs:

Setup the dynamic DNS service to synchronize your router as follow:

» Service Provider: “https://cloud.flashstart.com/” (click here if you cannot type a custom service)
» Username: webfilter username
» Password: webfilter password

After the test, once the router is connected, you will see a green light.

Now you need to deploy our DNSs in your network:
» by configuring our DNSs in your DHCP
» by manually configure our DNSs in your Clients
» by configuring our DNSs as “forwarders” in a Microsoft Active Directory Server

Tip: How to prevent a user to change webfilter DNSs?
» by enabling a redirection rule in your Router to divert all outgoing traffic to port 53 (tcp+udp, DNS) to our filtered DNSs.
» by blocking every outgoing traffic to port 53 (tcp+udp) except to our filtered DNSs. 

(For further information, please ask to your Router manufacturer)

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