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Voucher are typical one time use account. Voucher will be void by either when the access time is exhausted or when the expiry date assign to voucher is reach. To access the voucher module click on Accounts > Voucher from the navigation. On the voucher listing module, you may search for specific voucher by using the search field.

* NOTE : Deleted/Expired voucher account are represented by account with strike through like “v556436“.

The field and its function description is listed below.

User/IDThe voucher created ID for the users.
ProfileThe profile the attribute will be assign to.
PriceThe price of the voucher.* NOTE : The price of the voucher is based on the profile price.
Creation DateThe date of the voucher creation.
Expiry DateThe expire date of the voucher.

View/Delete Voucher

To view or delete the voucher, click on    icon on side of the number list. 

  • Action – Modules action:    To edit the voucher.    To delete the voucher.

View Voucher

The view voucher let you view information related to the voucher account.


The overview tab will provide an overview of the account detail, profile, usage information, voucher creation information and as well as the last 5 activities.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Voucher DetailsThe voucher account detail such as account information, device used to access the network, status of account, zone restriction policy and  remark if any.
Voucher Creation InfoIt shows the person who created the voucher, the creation date, the expire date and the activation date of the voucher.
Voucher ProfileThe associated profile to the voucher account.
Current Usage InformationTotal login, volume and time accessed.
Last 5 ActivitiesThe recent 5 login activity by the account, for detail and all the activity  of the account, click on the “Transaction Log” tab.
Transaction Logs

The transaction log tab let you view the recent last 20 login transaction of the users and its associated usage. It will list the mac address, brand and devices of the users, login time ,volume  and usage.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Login Date/ TimeThe login time of the voucher.
Logout Date/TimeThe logout time of the voucher.
Total TimeThe Total session time of the voucher.
MAC AddressThe MAC address of the devices the voucher use to connect to network.
DeviceThe detected model of user devices.
Device BrandThe detected brand of the user devices.
IP AddressThe IP address associated with user device during login session.
Volume Usage (MB)The traffic utilized by users during the session, upload and download included.
Disconnect ReasonThe disconnect reason such as admin reset, call back, user request, idle timeout, lost carrier, session timeout, traffic used, lost services.
Edit Account

The Edit Account tab let you manage the voucher account. This include changing the voucher password, reset the MAC address and reset the voucher.

Diagnostic Voucher Button

The Diagnostic Voucher button perform account diagnostic and display any fault detected with voucher  account this is useful if user reported issue login in using the voucher.

Reset MAC Address Button

The Reset MAC Address button will clear the associated Mac ID or address of device for the voucher account. The below picture will appear once click on Reset MAC Address button. It shows that the voucher MAC address successfully reset.

Reset Voucher Button

The Reset Voucher button will reset the voucher of device for the voucher account. The below picture will appear on top right of the system once click on Reset Voucher button. It shows that the voucher successfully reset.

Add Voucher

To create a new voucher, click on the “Create Voucher” button and populate the required fields. Fill in the field to complete the process.

The field and its function description is listed below.

PrefixPrefix of the voucher to be generated.
QuantityThe no of voucher to be generated.
ProfileThe profile associated with voucher to be generated.
Zone restrictionApply zone restriction to the voucher to be generated, so voucher create restricted to login from specific zone only.
ExpiryValidity of voucher to be generated. Expiry are date for the voucher to set to expired for accounting purpose.
RemarkDescription or remark of the voucher generated.

Delete Voucher

To delete a voucher, click on the delete icon from the voucher main listing screen. A prompt will be display to ask for your confirmation to proceed to delete the voucher. Please exercise with cautions as this not a reversible action. Voucher set to delete are not cleared from the listing screen but it will be display with a strike like v556436” for finance accounting purpose. To purge the voucher account from system completely please use the delete batch voucher function in Finance > Voucher Creationmodule.

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