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Web Push Notification

Build 9 Updates*

*This article has been updated to include Build 9 properties. Older versions might require an update if you cannot find certain functions written below.

The Web Push Notification module is an extensive tool for reaching out to customers. By sending web push notification to end-users, it is possible to re-engage with them even after leaving your website. To access this module, click on Campaigns > Web Push Notification from the navigation menu.

The field and its function description is listed below.

UsernameSet the username of the user.
* NOTE : If username value is blank, notification will be sent based on MAC value.
MACSet the MAC Address of user that connected to network.
* NOTE : If MAC value is blank, notification will be sent based on username value.
URLSet the URL if any.
TitleThe title of the notification.
MessageThe message to be send through the web push notification.
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