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Dashboard – Global

The cloud dashboard module provides you a global overview of all the accounts created by the tenant and key important data. To access the dashboard module click on Cloud > Dashboard from the navigation.

The following widgets are provided :

  • Total User : Total number of user account created in system.
  • Total Voucher : Total number of voucher generated in system.
  • Total Email Sent Out : Total e-mail sent out.
  • Total SMS Sent Out : Total SMS send out.
  • Connected User : Number of users connected to the system.
  • Total Device Online : Total devices online that added by tenant.
  • Total Device Offline : Total device offline that added by tenant.

Cloud Tenant Listing

Cloud Tenant Listing with cloud tenant registered name and its associated Cloud ID.

  • Cloud ID : The cloud id of the client.
  • Client Name : The name of the client.
  • Total Users : Total number of users connected.
  • Users Online : Number of users online.

Recent Activity Event

Show the recent activity logs of the super admin.

  • Date/Time : The date and time of the activity.
  • Superadmin Username : The username of the super admin.
  • Cloud ID : The cloud ID of the super admin.
  • Activity : The recent activity logs.
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