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Cloud : Online

The cloud online module, let you list all user who is online within the platform unlike Report > Login > Who is Online which only list the user online associated with the tenant. The Cloud > Online will list every user online and its associated cloud ID. To access the online module click on Cloud > Online from the navigation. On the online listing module, you may search for specific user who is online by using the search field.

The listed fields and its meaning are:

FieldMeaning & Function
Login Date / TimeThe login time of the users.
UsernameThe username of the account.
MAC AddrThe MAC address of the devices the user use to connect to network.
IP AddressThe IP Address associated with users device.
Download / UploadThe average download/upload speed of the users usage.
ZoneThe zone user use to connect to network.
NAS IDThe NAS ID user is connected to.
ClassThe classification of the device such as phone, tablet or laptop.
BrandThe detected brand of the user devices such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei.
ModelThe model of the device such as iPhone or Galaxy S.
HostnameA label / unique name given to a device that connected to the internet.
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