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Build 9 Updates*

*This article has been updated to include Build 9 properties. Older versions might require an update if you cannot find certain functions written below.

The template editor enables you to create custom template designs used by system such as voucher look and feel when printed as well as email, SMS and status messages or mail. To access the template module click on CPanel > Template from the navigation. On the template listing module, you may search for specific template by using the search field.

The field and its function description is listed below.

FieldMeaning & Function
NameThe unique name of the template.
For Page 
Style ThemeThe unique name of the style theme.
Last UpdateThe last update of the template.
ActionModules action:  To edit the template.  To delete the template.

Add Template

To create a template, click on the “New Template” button and populate the required fields. Fill in the field to complete the process.

The field and its function description is listed below.

FieldMeaning & Function
Template NameThe unique name used by template.
PagePage selection.DashboardPersonal DetailsProfile InformationRegister DeviceStatisticsUsage History
Style ThemeSelect the unique name of the style theme.
EditorEditor for editing messages.

Edit/Delete Template

Click the edit icon on the listing screen to edit the template. The edit screen be display which you can edit the setting of the template. Click on the delete icon to delete the template. A prompt will be display to ask for your confirmation to proceed to delete the template. Please exercise with cautions as this not a reversible action.


The template editor enables you to put in variable placeholder within the template and Kiwire™ platform will replace the variable with actual value for the specific users when the content is generated.

An example will be Hello {{username}}
content generated will be Hello John, when the user John accesses the account.

Variables Available for Email & SMS Template

VariableVariable DescriptionFrom
{{verify_link}}Link to verify account (if using email sign up)Email

Variables Available for Voucher, Status

VariableVariable DescriptionFrom
{{tenant_name}}Tenant full nameOrganization Profile
{{tenant_address}}Tenant addressOrganization Profile
{{tenant_phone}}Tenant phoneOrganization Profile
{{tenant_fax}}Tenant faxOrganization Profile
{{tenant_website}}Tenant websiteOrganization Profile
{{tenant_fb}}Tenant facebookOrganization Profile
{{username}}Account numberAccount Information
{{fullname}}Account full nameAccount Information
{{password}}Account passwordAccount Information
{{create_date}}Account creation dateAccount Information
{{expiry_date}}Account expiry dateAccount Information
{{zone_allowed}}Zone where account holder allowed to loginAccount Information
{{status}}Account statusAccount Information
{{status}}Account statusAccount Information
{{email_address}}Account email addressAccount Information
{{status}}Account statusAccount Information
{{phone_number}}Account phone numberAccount Information
{{device_type}}Latest device logged in using this accountAccount Information
{{mac_address}}Latest MAC logged in using this accountAccount Information
{{profile_name}}Profile subscribed by this accountProfile Information
{{profile_type}}Product typeProfile Information
{{profile_price}}Product priceProfile Information
{{profile_max_upload}}Profile – max uploadProfile Information
{{profile_max_download}}Profile – max downloadProfile Information
{{profile_min_upload}}Profile – min uploadProfile Information
{{profile_min_download}}Profile – min downloadProfile Information
{{profile_max_bandwidth}}Profile – max bandwidthProfile Information
{{profile_max_time_usage}}Profile max usage time (Expiration)Profile Information
{{profile_expired_time}}Profile expired timeProfile Information
{{first_login}}First logged in date.Current Account Usage
{{last_login}}Last logged in date.Current Account Usage
{{login_count}}Number of total login.Current Account Usage
{{total_upload}}Sum of upload volume.Current Account Usage
{{total_download}}Sum of download volume.Current Account Usage
{{total_volume}}Sum of volume used.Current Account Usage
{{total_session_time}}Total session time allowed to access Wi-Fi.Current Account Usage
{{average_speed}}Average speed.Current Account Usage
{{countdown_volume}}Remaining available volume.Current Account Usage
{{percentage_volume_used}}Percentage volume used.Current Account Usage
{{percentage_time_used}}Percentage time used.Current Account Usage
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