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The device module let you add network equipment that reside within your network, devices added will be included in Kiwire network monitoring process. To access the device module click on Devices > Device from the navigation. On the device listing module, you may search for specific device by using the search field. 

The field and its function description is listed below.

NameA unique name for the equipment.
IP AddrThe IP address of the equipment.
TypeThe type of the equipment.
EnableEnable or disable the function.
LocationThe address of the equipment.
DescriptionThe description for the device.
ActionModules action:  To edit the device.  To delete the device.

Add Device

To add a new device, click on “Add Device” button and populate the required fields. Fill in the field to complete the process.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Device TypeSelect the relevant device type for your equipment or device.
NameA unique name or alias for the equipment.E.g. if the equipment is a wifi access point in 3rd floor , left wing , you may want to call it “level3L-wif1i”.
IP AddressThe IP address of the equipment.
Monitoring methodHow is the device being monitoredPing : Kiwire will use simple ICMP ping to determined if the device is online or offline.Agent : A software agent or compatible agent is installed into the devices. Kiwire will poll the agent or agent will send updates information to Kiwire platform.
AddressThe address of the equipment.
Device UsernameThe username use to access the equipment remotely.
Device PasswordThe password used by the username to access the equipment.
DescriptionThe description or remark for the devicet.
EnabledEnabled or disable the monitoring function of this device.
CommunityCommunity string to allow SNMP access to this device.
SNMPVThe device SNMP version.
MIBManagement Information Base (MIB) to be use in the SNMP request.
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