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PMS Guest Queue

PMS : Guest Queue module will report and track the guest check-in record. The record can be filtered by room no, name and by duration of check in. The default will list the last 24 hour of guest checked in. To access the PMS : Guest Queue module click on Integrations > PMS : Guest Queue from the navigation. Use the date selection option to search for record of the selected date.

In the search box, date search is required to search the records easily.

  • Date from : The date selection.
  • Date to : The date selection.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Field Function
Date & Time  Check in date and time of the guest.
Room NoGuest room number.
TypeType of the room.
First NameFirst name of the guest.
Last NameLast name of the guest.
VIP CodeVIP code to check in.
StatusStatus of the guest.
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