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Kiwire adopts a simple licensing strategy, we have 3 types of license edition available: retail, premium and enterprise.

License EditionTypeNotesSupport
RetailAvailable via cloudLimited to 1 NAS, Limited splash view and certain access to module are disabled.Standard support available for purchase.
PremiumAvailable via cloud or installed on premisesSingle tenant editions, License key requiredComes with standard Premier support
EnterpriseAvailable via cloud or installed on premisesMulti-tenant edition, License key requiredComes with enterprise  Premier support

Licensing Method

Every connection passing through Kiwire captive portal that originates from a device that provide hotspot or radius authentication device is a NAS device to Kiwire. Our licensing model is based on the number of NAS device registered and core server installations. The commercial licenses starts at 1 NAS and goes up to an unlimited number.

Support & Licensing validity

License validityService level
1st installation , No license keyAll function are able to operate up to 14 days from installations date. Upon lapse of 14 days and no valid licence found, system will stop operating. NO active support will be given during the duration of the 14 days
Valid license & Support keyAll function are able to operate  and active support will be given during validity
Valid License , lapse support keyCore functionality are able to operate however services that integrate with our cloud infrastructure will be disabled namely.Social login will be disabledNo access to software updateNo active supportDisabled from Global Monitoring platform
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