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The Notification module let you customize the system error notification message for the user when they encounter an error. To access the notification module click on Login Engine > Notification from the navigation. 

* NOTE : You can disable a detection module by setting the notification text blank.
E.g. Not allowed Mac Address device, just leave the text blank and the module will be disabled or bypass by system.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Wrong PasswordNotify when user enter wrong password.
Inactive AccountNotify if the account is not active.
Expired AccountNotify if the account is expired.
No Credit LeftNotify if the user have no credit left in their account.
Xfer Limit ReachNotify when the user reach Volume Limit Quota.
Over Simultaneous UsageNotify when the user have reached the maximum allowed login from their account.
User Already LoginNotify when the user already connected to the internet.
Not Allowed NAS ZoneNotify when the user are not allowed to Login from this Zone.
Max NAS Connection LimitNotify when the user maximum allowed user Login reached.
Not Allowed Mac Address DeviceNotify when the account is registered to different devices.
Incorrect Email Sign UpNotify if the email address is invalid.
Invalid Voucher AccountNotify if the code used is not voucher or prepaid account.
Invalid E-mailNotify if the email address is invalid.
No Profile SubscribeNotify when the user have not subscribe to any profile.
No Credential ProvidedNotify to provide a valid credential.
Wrong CaptchaNotify to provide a valid captcha.
Need To Change Password After LoginNotify to change password after the first login.
Account VerifiedNotify when account has been verified to access the internet.
Invalid Token ProvidedNotify if invalid token provided.
Country Code Not AllowedNotify if country code is not allowed to register.
Not Allowed Disposable Email AddressNotify if user uses disposable email address.
Credential Has Been Sent ToNotify when credential is sent.
Wrong Verification CodeNotify if user provide wrong verification code.
Code to Verify And Connect InternetNotify to get verification code from user.
Provide Valid Email AddressNotify if user provide invalid email address.
Username Already ExistNotify if user provide existing username.
Account BlockedNotify if user account blocked.
Atleast One AlphabetNotify user to use at least one alphabet.
Atleast One NumberNotify user to use at least one number.
Atleast One SymbolNotify user to use at least one symbol.
Not Allowed To Use Previous PasswordNotify user if provide previous password.
Account LockedNotify if user account locked.
Password Cannot Be Same As UsernameNotify user if provide password that same as username.
Password ChangedNotify user when password changed.
Atleast 8 Characters PasswordNotify user to use at least 8 characters password.
Password ExpiredNotify if user account password expired.
Password Did Not MatchNotify if user account password not match.

Click Save button after fill up the information required.

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