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T&C Settings

The T&C (Terms & Conditions) module let you to set your organisation own terms & conditions content for user to agree to prior network on boarding. To access the T&C module click on Login engine > T&C Settings from the navigation.

Term & Condition Data

Use the online editor under Term & Condition Data to type in your term & condition.  Please put the T&C snippet into the desire page when you are creating the page on page maker.


The T&C module come with smart feature that let you to set T&C to be display dynamically. Click on the advance tab to set:

  • T&C always On : T&C page will be displayed each time user connect to network
  • Off : T&C page will be display once during the 1st time user connect to network, it will not be re-display the 2nd time the user connect to network onwards.
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