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Firmware 2.5.1 C5x PTP Release Notes

November 28, 2018

Product Applicability: C5x PTP

C5x PTMP and C5x PTP firmware files are interoperable. 2.5.0-PTP backhaul (PTP) software only supports the C5c and C5x and does not support or interoperate with existing 5 GHz backhaul products (B5, B5c, B5-Lite).
The C5 does not support PTP mode. 

New Features

C5x Hardware Support

2.5 supports Mimosa’s new C5x, the industry’s most versatile, integrated radio with four modular twist-on antenna options ranging from 12, 16, 20 and 25 dBi. The ultra-rugged solution provides extended frequency operation from 4.9-6.4 GHz, with best in class noise immunity. Delivering the ultimate in flexibility and cost efficiency, the C5x is the go-to PTP solution for 5 GHz deployments. Out of the box, the C5x only operates in PTMP client mode with the Ethernet port enabled for 100BASE-T. Feature keys are required per radio to unlock 1000BASE-T PTMP client Ethernet speeds and to unlock PTP/1000BASE-T operation. Feature key enabled unlock codes can be used during initial C5x setup or applied at any time after the initial unlock. More information on the new C5x is available here: https://mimosa.co/product/c5x.


Default IP for Unlocking

For PTP Manual Unlocking and Configuration, connect to the C5x GUI using the C5x’s default IP address of Please configure the laptop to use a static IP address from ( on the laptop when using Manual Unlock and Configuration.

Feature Keys


To enable PTP operation on an already unlocked C5x, you can enter a PTP Feature Key enabled unlock code from the General -> Feature Keys section in the C5x GUI.


C5x Single Image Support

The C5x has a single firmware image supporting PTP and PTMP operation. This improves the ease of switching between PTP and PTMP client. Use the Wireless Configuration -> Link Mode setting to change the operational mode, requiring a reboot. To use the C5x in PTP mode, you are required to unlock the C5x using an unlock code generated with an additional PTP Feature key per C5x.


Resolved Issues

  • Auto Mode has been significantly improved to increase protocol reliability and reduces the probability of packet loss.
  • Ping Watchdog would occasionally not reboot the device when the destination “ping IP” was not reachable. This issues has been resolved.
  • On rare occasions, Mimosa Discovery Protocol broadcast packets (0x821c) would be seen every several seconds from the backhaul radio’s Ethernet port. This has been resolved.
  • Decreasing the channel width setting when using a DFS channel would initiate a CAC (Channel Availability Check) and bring the link down for 60 seconds. This has been resolved so decreasing the channel width will not bring the link down.
  • Channel changes and channel bandwidth setting changes would intermittently dis-associate the PTP radio connection. This has been resolved.
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