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Benchmark analytics provide an overview comparison among all your venues. It will display the total device and average record of total pass by, total visit, total engaged, trend comparison with previous week and the conversion from total visit to engaged for the date range selected.

Date Selector

Click on the comparison date box , and you be shown a date picker menu , select the date range you wish to analyse the benchmark . Click show button when you finish selecting the date. Date selected will be highlighted in the date picker as shown below.

Note: You can only select in weekly date range for the date selector.


Trend are trend comparison of the selected date and week before that in percentage. Trend will have Green Triangle for movement of positive trend and red triangle for trend that is going down for the venue date selected vs the week before.

VenueVenue created within Omaya
Total DeviceCount of total device by venue for selected date.
Avg Pass ByAverage count of total user pass by the venue for the selected date.
Avg VisitAverage count of total user visited the venue for the selected date.
Avg EngagedAverage count of total user engaged at the venue for the selected date.
Avg Dwell TimeAverage dwell time overall of user spent at venue for the selected date.
ConversionThe conversion from total pass by to Engagement for the venue for selected date.
ActView the weekly Date/Hour activity heat map of the menu for the venue.

Weekly Date/Hour Activity Heat Map

The Weekly Date/Hour activity heat map provides a graphical representation of your total venue  and average total pass by, total visit, total engaged, total dwell time and conversion rate in an easy to glance reporting format. The heat map are color coded by gradient from Red being the highest user detected to Blue where its lowest user detected.

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