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Loyalty & Distribution

The loyalty & distribution analytics provide distributions statistic on new user vs return users to your venue. You may select the venue and date range for reports via the date picker.

On the main screen, there is three primary tab which are “New vs Repeat”, “Repeat Count” and “Day since last visit”.

New vs Repeat

The new users versus repeat users analytic provide you on total number of new user and how many return users are detected at venue for the selected date.

                                      figure 2.06.1 shows example of the graph for ‘New vs Repeat’

Repeat Count

The repeat count analytics report the frequency of the users repeat count group by 1, 2, 3 to 5 or more than five visit to the venue.

                                      figure 2.06.2 shows example of the graph for ‘Repeat Count’

Days Since Last visit

The Days since last visit analytics will show user last visit to venue group by date frequency of 1 ~ 3 days, 3 ~ 1 week, 1 ~ 2 week and more than 3 weeks.

                                      figure 2.06.3 shows example of the pie chart for ‘Day Since Last Visit’

Click on the funnel graph  to view the funnel of user last visit in your venue.

                                      figure 2.06.4 shows example of the tunnel chart for ‘Day Since Last Visit’

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