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Visit  shows count of user visiting the venue less than dwell time in venue setting. It will do comparison between pass by, visit and engaged users.

To view specific venue, use the drop down selection list to select the venue from the list , select the data range for the analytics reporting.

Click on the bar view  to view the graph in bar chart   format.

Click on the detail view  button, if you wish to view the data in table format. To export the data click on the copy/ csv/ excel and pdf menu.

TimeDate of data.
Total DeviceCount of total device by venue for selected date.
PassbyTotal number of user pass by the venue for the date.
VisitTotal visit of user who went near the sensor for the date.
EngagedTotal user who stay more than defined dwell time for the venue.
Conversion to EngagedPercentage of user who become engage from total pass by user.
ActZoom button : View the hourly analytics for the selected date
Weekly button : view the week Day/hour of the selected date.

You may view the unique visit analytics for the day by clicking on  button on the selected days, the graph will provide statistic by hourly basis.

You can change the graph to bar chart format by click on the bar icon .

Click on the data view  to view the data in table format.

From the daily, you can click on the  button to see the date/hour crowd heat map statistic on from the date selected. It show weekly date/hour passby , visit and engaged heat map.

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