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User Device Alias

The user device alias let you set a easy to identify tag with a device mac address . To add device alias click on Add new device alias to add and fill in the information.

Device aliasThe alias for the device.
Mac addressThe unique mac address of the device.
TypeDevice type.

Manage Device Alias

To add a new device alias, click on the “+ Add New Device Alias” button. Fill in the device alias with the name of your device and fill in the mac address. Then proceed to select the alias type.

Alias type

There are three types of the alias type which are Staff, Users, and Assets. Additonal form will appear when you select one of the type.

If you choose type as Staff or Asset, you need to fill in the additional form which are company name and venue name. But if you choose type as Users, you only need to fill in the company name.

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