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Venue Device

Venue devices will list all the sensor or Wi-Fi access point registered with Omaya. You have option to edit or delete the sensor associated with your company account.

Note: Only superadmin can add and assign new sensor to company within Omaya platform.

CompanyThe company that sensor belong to.
VenueThe venue of the sensor installed in.
AliasThe alias/ Name of the sensor.
Dev TagThe serial number or tag of the sensor.
TypeThe type of sensor device,
(E.g. : Wifi access point, Cloud beacon, etc)
RSSI minThe Min RSSI parameter set for the sensor.
RSSI maxThe Max RSSI parameter set for sensor to capture data.
DwellThe time set that constitute user as engaged for the sensor.
Exit timeThe time set that constitute user whether user still active or not.The user that not longer detected within exit time will marked as user who already exit.
Map AxisPlacement of sensor within the map uploaded in X & Y.
MAPThe Map ID for the map uploaded.
ACTEdit or delete the sensor and its venue.

Edit Venue Device

The edit venue device screen lets you re-assign the sensor to new venue, change the sensor alias, and sensor tag.

VenueThe venue the sensor will be assigned to.
Sensor AliasThe Sensor alias or name.
Sensor TagThe serial number or tag of the sensor.
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