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Extreme Location

Setup on the Extreme Location

1. Login to your extreme location account. The guide on how to configure Extreme WiNG to point to Extreme Location can be found from here :

2. Under Settings > System Settings > Thresholds, configure the Threshold Configuration and Management for the Presence, Zone and Age Out according to your requirement as per screenshot below :


Age Out

3. Under Settings > System Settings > Subscriber Settings, configure the Subscriber Configuration and Management as below:

Subscriber Push URL: http://omaya_ip_address/workerv2/dev_extreme.php
Username: Assigned username*
Password: Assigned password*
Events: Presence

*Check with your distributor for these details

4. Under Settings > Category, configure the Category Configuration according to your requirement as per screenshot below:

Setup on the OMAYA

1. Login to omaya account.

2. Go to Setting > Venue to add your venue.

3. Go to Venue Device category and select Add New Venue Device located on the top right corner to add your sensor associated with your company account as per screenshot below :

FieldMeaning & Function
Venue/b>The venue the sensor will be assigned to.
Sensor AliasThe Sensor alias or name.
Sensor TagThe serial number or tag of the sensor.
Sensor TypeThe device type for the sensor (select Extreme).
Sensor TagThe serial number or tag of the sensor.
Sensor StrengthThe signal strength slider is used to manipulate DBM of the device, example if -85 dbm to -25 dbm (lower dbm is nearer to sensor), we ignore any device that is more than -85 dbm and user with dbm -25 and below are classified as visit type users.
DwellThe dwell slider is used to determine how long a user stayed in the venue constitute as engaged users. In a fast food industry, we may set the dwell to be 3 minutes as the user typically stay more than 3 minutes nearby a sensor, however in a museum venue we may set the dwell time to be higher as a longer dwell time constitutes user interacting with the exhibit.
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