[Featured] Partnered Event – SuperApps for Hotel Business

Keeping Up with Hotel Business Technologies

Times are changing and the hospitality industry needs to consider adapting its business intelligence to cater for the new generation. Organized by Infor and His MSC, dated 28th November 2019, the SuperApps for Hotel Business event was held at Metro Systems Public Company Limited (Thailand) with the key focus of networking, education and consultation needs as we edge closer towards the year 2020.

Together with our partners, Synchroweb Technology  is more than glad to contribute and share our experiences in Hotel Internet Wi-Fi for this event. With panel discussions and a multitude of other guest speakers there was never a dull moment while taking turns to share insights.

Overall, events such as SuperApps for Hotel Business mark a pivotal success for the hospitality industry and we certainly hope to be joining more of these events for the years to come. Write to us if you wish to know more about the event or even better, join us for the next one!