[EVENT] MIMOSA Exclusive Workshop

The Mimosa Exclusive Workshop was held on the 1st of April 2019, a joint collaboration between Synchroweb Technology with Mimosa Networks to send trainer representatives over to Malaysia and present trainees knowledge about how Mimosa devices works in a live environment,  how to configure and use Mimosa software, and more. 


The venue location selected for the event was to be held at Regus Puchong, Setiawalk. A great choice for classrooom/conference style events that can cater for our 30pax requirement with spacious cafeteria for short breaks. Registrants started arriving in early, with a few having difficulties locating the venue but we managed to startoff the event without any delays.

Mimosa Product Overview

Mr.Vardin from Mimosa Networks had a great time connecting with our local trainees. Luckily, this is not the first time he has been dealing with training events within Malaysia so the flow of training topics progressed smoothly as we had hoped..
Coffee Break
Coffee break sessions gave our trainees enough time to mix among each other, meet new people and discuss event topics covered, and most importantly warm up with a nice hot cup of coffee from the coffee machine as the training room received numerous feedback of being super cold!
Deployment Applications
After warm up with a cup of coffee, we go to the next topic which is Mr.Vardin and his colleague show how Mimosa deployment applied in most industries. 
For the lunch session, we headed over to Padi House also located within Setiawalk, with various packaged menu choices suitable for everyone.  Synchroweb staff assisted with coordinating everyone’s order as the second session for training would begin within an hour.
Configuration Demo
The second session starts with full of energy as Mr. Vardin’s colleague takes over the workshop with product demonstration and configuration training. This session promotes interaction between speaker and trainee on how to troubleshoot and setup Mimosa product which is B5c.

Thank you everyone for joining us!

A big thank you to our event participants and speakers. We are more than thankful that you were able to participate and attend this event. We hope you were enjoyed the experience and look forward to see you in future events!