[NEWS SPOTLIGHT] NIKE uses DivioTec People Counting to improve shoppers in-store experience

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We would like to share DivioTec people counting camera installed in NIKE shop. They integrated with their own POS system to get conversion rate.

NIKE Leverages Counting Data To Improve Direct-To-Consumer Business Model

NIKE is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and is a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue in excess of US$24.1 billion each year. In recent years, it is seizing opportunity to bring more technology into retail business to increase in-store customers loyalty. NIKE hopes to leverage the power of digital data to make the store experience better. Therefore, they have integrated DivioTec on-camera edge counting with their POS system. It helps the store manager to get the daily conversion rate and make insight-driven operation decision. It also helps the group understand visitor traffic and quantify the effectively of strategic shift on the conversion
rate. This information enable store and marketing manager to evaluate and improve marketing and promotional activities, optimize staffing schedules and daily operations.

JSON Counting Data Integrated With POS System

The counting runs in a ceiling-mounted network camera that is installed above passageways and entrances from wide range of heights 2.3-6M. It is a highly advanced sensor, collecting traffic data that help you make insight-driven business. Camera push the count result in JSON file to your HTTP server. User can easy get the count result and create own customized report dashboard. DivioTec people counting solution offers more effective marketing, tailored campaigns and optimized staff levels toward Guess retail management team. With accurate real-time data, users can estimate in-store traffic, enhance staff management, evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing events and more.

Edge Counting Scalable More Than 100+ Stores

DivioTec edge counting is a fast and secured private cloud-based solution. Each NIKE shop installed one unit of NDR153P in each branch, deploying more then 10 shops in Asia for first stage. Each camera count and push the result to HTTP server. It is easy scalable more than 100+ stores that one computer can connect to multiple devices. With fixed budge and one-time fee, no monthly or annual fee will be charged. It will save solution total cost ownership. Furthermore, it can also optimize your server computing with counting on camera function. Edge counting makes it possible to design solution with more flexible server requirement, optimizing bandwidth usage, and lower the cost, and effort for storage and computing.

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