[UPDATES] KIWIRE Latest Features

We are excited to provide a short introduction to our latest Kiwire software updates. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from it!

Fake E-Mail Detection

Are all your customer emails fully validated using basic sign-ups?

The short answer is no. Majority public users tend to rush the registration phase just to gain quick access for Wi-Fi using a variety of jargon inputs.

Tired of getting those junk invalid accounts clogging up your data collection?

Kiwire now provides some intelligent checking function that verifies e-mail validity prior to sign-up submissions!

Fake e-mail detection features :

  1. The MX-record (mail exchanger record) must be valid for the domain provided.
  2. Username needs to be more than 3 characters (i.e. meh@gmail.com will be considered fake as most public e-mail domain such as gmail have a minimum character requirement for an official account)
  3. No repetition for the first 2 and 3 characters (i.e. hahaha@gmail.com or vimvimvim@gmail.com)
  4. Not matched with keyboard character arrangement like qwerty or asdfgh or zxcvb.
  5. Each email address only can be used once every 1 hours.
  6. Domain provided must not be in the blacklisted domain list. (Credits to the full list at https://rawgit.com/ivolo/disposable-email-domains/master/index.json)
How does this benefit me?

In terms of customer data collection, e-mail data is one of the more vital forms of contact to communicate back and gain potential brand loyalty.