[Wi-Fi Captive Portal Software] Discover the features of Kiwire® that will be benefit to your business

Captive Portal and Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution

A captive portal is a web page that a user is prompted with when connecting to a public access WiFi network. The captive portal states the terms, agreements, and acceptable usage policy for the user and then permits usage of the guest network upon the user’s acceptance of the policies.

There are a handful of benefits that come with using a captive portal, including the ability to separate network traffic, limit data usage, collect valuable data, marketing and business recognition, and liability protection. With all of these benefits, there is very little reason to not have a captive portal as the gateway to your guest network.

Make Wi-Fi work for you

Majority of people today expect free Wi-Fi in venues. It can benefit your business to obtain marketing value while offering free Wi-Fi to customers.

Smart Campaign Engine

You can take advantage to promote videos and advertisement to customers prior to log in and connected to the free Wi-Fi.

Super Performance Wi-Fi

Kiwire® are designed and proven platform for high performance and support user from ten to thousand of user concurrently.

Data Capture

Kiwire® offers a number of ways to access the network, accepting the terms and conditions, filling out a form, using social-login (Facebook, Twitter), etc. These mechanisms enable a captive portal to monitor user connections and gather information about how many people are using the service, which users visit most often (customer loyalty), which users are no longer regular visitors, and so on.

Marketing & Brand Awareness

A captive portal is a simple mechanism for displaying corporate information and capturing user attention. In addition to the fact that offering Internet access is already a competitive advantage. As always, Kiwire® is aware of market demand and offers its customers professional class access and captive portal solutions to more than satisfy all their needs in corporate settings.

Analytics Report

Our technology delivers a full suite of reporting and analytics tools enabling your marketing function to learn more about your customers. Key metrics such as how often, customers visit, how long do they spend in store, which marketing campaigns generate the most new clients and which customers respond to special offers, all of this can be recorded.

Increase your Business Revenue

By providing Wi-Fi to your customers, it can increase your sales revenue. Indirectly, can meet the needs and demand of your end user to have a full feature captive portal and fulfill its needs.

Proven Solutions

Our system have been deploy in many industries such as hospitality either budget or luxury, food and beverage industry, attraction parks indoor and outdoor, shopping malls, medical centre, education centre and national point of interest. Visit our website to read more on our case studies and successful stories.

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